Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Iron Man (contains spoilers)

So I watched Iron Man last night, and quite enjoyed it. Robert Downey Jr was the main reason, and the bits in the suit weren't exactly particularly exciting- they were pretty much staple, especially the last boss fight. Still, enjoyable enough stuff.

My main issue with the film is with the villain. It turns out (its obvious literally from the start), that his good friend Obadiah is behind everything, even trying to have him killed. Rigggght... why?

First of all, Obadiah is inexplicably trading with people the US are fighting. Bearing in mind the massive amount of money that a contract from the US would give the company, this seems weird. I dislike most weapon companies because they tend not to discern about their customers, in that they will sell weapons to oppressive regimes who will use it on their own people. I can't imagine them selling weapons to active opponents of our country though. Even if they did, I imagine they'd be smart enough TO TAKE THE LABELS OFF THE WEAPONRY. I mean seriously, I know a brand is important, but thats a bit of a give away, no?

Second of all, Obadiah wants to kill Tony Stark. Why? Stark barely interferes with the company, and continually produces more and more nasty weapons that help Obadiah make more money. Yes, Stark may have controlling interest, but he just doesn't seem like he has much of a clue about what his company is doing. Killing him seems counter-intuitive.

Finally, Obadiah has a handle on the tech in Iron Man's suit, and is making some. He decides he needs to reverse engineer the tech powering it by nicking Stark's heart. Fine, he'd probably get away with it too, if, 5 minutes ago, he wasn't aware that Pepper had just left the building with evidence of him selling to America's interests. So now he has a super suit, but his company will be destroyed... He really doesn't seem to think this through, and why he doesn't attack Pepper first doesn't really make much sense. Indeed, his final act of bloody revenge seems to be motivated more by the films need for a show down than any particular logic.

Oh well...

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