Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I've stumbled across a lovely blog, which collects the stupidity from the "Have your Say" section on bbc news (what always depressed me about them is that they are the moderated comments)

I like this comments- its rather hard to tell if its serious or not

" comment by pagar
Well done, Neil. It’s about time someone highlighted the issues around Health and Safety in the bedroom.

With the teenage pregnancy rate, the Aids epidemic, genital warts etc, it is clear the vast sums of money the Government are spending on telling us how to have sex safely is not working. It would seem that many people can never be trusted to know what’s good for them. Especially after binge drinking.

Surely it is time to make the act of having sex without a condom a criminal offence. This would eliminate STD’s at a stroke and in time would help to solve the problem of over population. (Those wishing to procreate would have to apply for a “bareback licence” from their local authority renewable after a year and priced at say £50 to cover the admin).

Repeat offenders could have CCTV installed in their bedrooms and/or have their genitals electronically tagged.

So what I am saying is, Neil, once you’ve successfully clamped down on the Californian porn industry, there’s a big job to do at home."



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