Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Warwick castle and British weather

On saturday Alice and I went to Warwick castle, to meet up with my family. Showing an optimism that was clearly foolish, we had decided to have a picnic. Well, there's nothing like a good old fashioned picnic in the rain, eh? Amazingly a wasp managed to come and bother us, clearly more brave than its comrades, but as we were next to a pancake stand, it was lured away by that instead.

Warwick castle is a fun place, although heavily family oriented- disappointingly, it turned out the sword battle I was looking forward to was staged! In all seriousness, they could have done something a bit more impressive than taking turns hitting each other's shields, but I guess it would cost more to have some trained professionals doing real moves...

We also walked the walls, at precisely the time when the rain became the heaviest it had all day. This was... interesting, especially in the bits where there was no light and the spiral stairs were covered in water... theres a law suit waiting to happen! I also had a go at shooting arrows at one point, managing to prove that I was a lot less competent than Alice. I suspect the trick is to aim in the direction the people who are giving the arrows point you in, as they're probably a bit more experienced than you are.

Still, a fun day all in all, and it ended with a ball of fire being thrown by a trebuchet, which is always good.



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