Friday, July 31, 2009

Harry Potter and the bizzare plot holes

I'm reading through HP again, for the first time since the release of book 7, which is an enjoyable way to spend ones time. Anyway, as I continue through, there are some things that have always bugged me:

In chamber of secrets Ron and Harry guess correctly that the monster is a basilisk, and where the entrance to the chamber is. They smartly rush to tell the teachers, then hide (why?) and over hear that Ginny has gone missing. This causes them to.. give up? Even if Ginny was dead, it seems out of character for them not to attempt revenge, by, say, informing the staff of all they know. Instead they finally decide to tell someone.. but it's professor Lockhart, a known loser. I understand that Harry needs to face the threat alone, but there's no sensible reason for him not to request the aid of others here, especially considering he was going to do it anyway!

Goblet of Fire is an easy target, because the plan involved is actually kind of ludicrous. Voldemort intends to replace Moody with one of his servants. To do this the servant has to escape at the world cup, and then on the same day take out Moody and copy him. What is more he then has to act exactly like Moody for an entire year- Dumbledore at least, is fairly familiar with Moody, so should notice if Moody fails to remember anything important. Arguably this could be covered by magic, but then to capture Harry, not only does he have to be entered into the championship (a dangerous operation indeed), he then has to win, again something rather dependent on luck. Its fine, but one does wonder why Crouch doesn't just clobber Harry round the head, wrap him in an invisibility cloak, then wander out through a secret passage and apparate away!

Defense against the dark arts has always been such a weird subject anyway. Because their first two teachers were utterly incompetent, this means that everyone in the school must have been taught it quite choppily. Moody decides to show them the unforgivable curses. Is he doing this to everyone? Or just 4th year and above? It makes sense of course- the curses are something Crouch is very likely to know, although he does end up telling Harry exactly how to resist the imperius charm. Oh well.

There'll probably be more of these as I

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