Monday, July 06, 2009

Skins is a wonderful show

Having finally gotten round to seeing season three of Skins has really confirmed why I love that show. The writing is amazing, the actors are fantastic. The stories, while sometimes exaggerated, are all about the characters, who, for all their sometimes pantomime nature, are very human. What is very clear in this is that these are sixth formers, and in many ways they are children playing at being grown ups. They may act big and tough, but they are extremely vunerable- see Effy in season 3 for an example of this. Its a wonderful show, funny, moving, and clever, with an amazing sound track. Long may it prosper.

Incidentally, if you are a UK citizen you can see all three seasos for free here!


At 1:49 pm, Anonymous Anthony said...

I had seen adverts for this and it looked strangely good. Now on your recommendation and linkage I think il watch the first episode during lunch and then who knows.


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