Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I am in Bath, which is bringing back a flood of nostalgia, both good and bad, of times past. I certainly miss my times in Bath: it was a time when I had a lot of close friends who I saw regularly, and we had the advantage of an utterly gorgeous city to hang out in. I have fond memories of strolling across empty streets late at night, looking at the glorious city. Fabulous times.

These feelings are countered by some irritation at myself for stupidity. First of all I've managed to lose my railcard, which is frustating but not an insurmountable problem. Second of all I've forgotten my shaver, which means I'm going to have some lovely facial hair growth by the time I leave Bath. Maybe that'll be interesting- I've never grown facial hair before in my life, perhaps I'll look debonair.

The third mistake is quite an impressive one. I brought my university of southampton laptop so I could getr some rather vital work done while here, but in the process of attempting to get access to the university of Bath's residental network I have locked myself out of my own computer... Sigh. I'm pretty sure I'd be able to fix it if I had administrative access, but sadly I am not trusted with that, so am stuck with a hunk of metal for a week. Sigh.

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