Monday, June 15, 2009

The Wedding

The wedding day was perfect, and I may take this opportunity to gush occasionally. I had been worried about numerous things that might go wrong, and had decided that as long as the wedding went fine, then I would be happy for the rest of the day. Despite an initial upset in which the photographer, who was meant to appear at about half 1 did not. Cue photos of me pacing around worriedly and not really engaging in conversation of the well wishers who talk to me. He managed to arrive an hour late at Alice's house, having had, as he described it, a senior moment.

Still, it turned out all the same, and the service itself was great (although there was no "you may now kiss the bride" moment, which threw us, and was probably why nobody clapped!). The string quartet were lovely, especially considering some of them met for the first time that morning for a rehearsal. The photography session was fairly painless, and I got to utilise my lungs to gather our rather large families for the shots. Once Gordon Brown (the photographer) was there, he was a professional and got the shots done with a minimum amount of fuss: Alice and I will be having a look at them next weekend, which will be fun. The confetti run was fine, and as predicted, Alice's Aunt Liz did stuff confetti down my shirt (yay. Pam, Alice's mum, also put confetti in Alice's suitcase, which was rather amusing). We went for several laps round the village in the shiny car, amusingly going past some guests more than once, as the community centre was a very short distance from the church.

I maintain that people are wusses about bouquet catching, with a distinct lack of enthusiasm from the ladies, leading to the flowers landing in Laura's hands. Probably the most tiring part of the day followed, in which we said hi, and were congratulated, by around 120 people in a row. Of course we avoided getting burnt in the sun, so that was a plus!

The food was great, really delicious and far too filling (including the amazing chocolate cake provided by the caterer: wow), and the speeches were all good (including mine apparently) and, most important of all, short. The ceilidh went down a storm, as did the adventure playground outside, where a surprising number of people went on it, and Will Wilson managed to hurt himself quite spectacularly.

All in all a wonderful day, and thanks to everyone who took part in making it so, especially our parents.



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