Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm back! (thoughts on the stag do)

So I'm back after a rather large hiatus, which involved getting married and going on honeymoon. And then going to a conference. So all in all, a busy few weeks, leaving me rather tired. Still lots to do- Alice and I have to write many many thank you cards to those who showed us unbelievable generosity. There are an absolutely huge number of photos from the wedding, which is, and was, awesome. I'm going to try to blog in order of experiences, as otherwise I'll get all confused. So first, the stag do.

My best man suggested what seemed a very sensible stag do for myself- to go to Cambridge and crawl round a large amount of pubs. Simple, and effective, it would achieve one of my primary goals for the stag do, which would be to get very, very drunk. I was quite impressed as to the number of friends who managed to attend in the end. As well as most of my friends who lived locally coming, I had 4 friends from further afield travel down, which was great- I think there were about 10 of us in all, which was a good number.

In the end we didn't reach that many pubs, I think including the beer festival we only managed 7 different locations, but we did consume a great amount of alcohol to make up for it. As with all these kind of events, my memories become a lot more hazy towards the end, to the point where it was a bit of a miracle that I was able to guide the taxi to my house (seeing as I was the only one in that cab who knew where it was...).

The pubs were fun, and I drunk a variety of alchohol, saving the shots for the late evening (including a hideous tabasco shot given to me. I can still remember that, even though I was fairly gone at the point of drinking it). The only real disappointment of the day was the beer festival having almost run out of beer by the time (6ish) we arrived. A little annoying, certainly, but there was plenty of beer elsewhere, and we consumed it.

I, of course, paid for this the next day with the mother of all headaches, and being sick about 4 times. I had vaguely recovered by 1, although was exhausted for the rest of the dat.



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