Friday, June 26, 2009

My trip to Eindhoven

Ah, theres nothing like getting back from honeymoon from a home you haven't been in for two weeks with your new wife... and heading to Eindhoven for three days. I suspect conferences are a bad way to see a new place, I tend to not be particularly positive, or researched before going somewhere, so have no idea of any significance of whats going on, but Einhoven did manage to fail to impress me quite spectacularly. It's basically the Southampton of Holland, boasting some rather ugly architecture (presumably because what was once there was flattened during the war). As a result, my impression was none too favourable.

The conference itself was reasonably pleasant, and the talks interesting. Well some were utterly incomprehensible, but never mind. The trains in Holland were impressive; they have double decker trains! Whole worlds of awesome, and also kind of confusing. It's weird to be able to look up at the platform!

My least favourite experience in Eindhoven (other than booking a plane farrrr too late, leaving me intensely bored with nothing to read), was the toilets in the airport. They have automatically flushing toilets, which is a stupid concept in of itself, I'm not entirely sure who it helps, but it becomes even more stupid when you lean forward, and the toilet flushes. Sigh. Of course, as a man, certain parts hang.... further down, so that was fully pleasent. Yay for efficiency!

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