Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bear vs Shark

I hated this book midway through reading it. A satire of the easiest targets, pointing out that some aspects of our culture are rather empty, it is written in a stream of conciousness which is clearly meant to reflect the nature of the characters lives. It has barely any plot, and doesn't seem to care about the characters we have. It thinks far too highly of its own intellect...

Except it kind of doesn't. Its actually readable despite all of that, and while the satire is frustrating, the surrealness and silliness that often crops up is welcome, and began to warm me to the book just about when I decided to give up on it. Its got an occasional pythonesque humour, and seems to be at its best when it is not trying to make a point. It takes the time out to have quizzes about bears and sharks, with answers provided in later chapters, then characters who have nothing to do with the narrative (such as it is) arguing about whether the question counts.

I expected to hate this book, and come away with nothing but a rant to give about, but instead I have a recommendation to give instead. Don't take it too seriously, and enjoy it for what it is, a fairly silly piece of work.

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Which reminds me of this:

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