Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who would win a fight between....

A contentious question, especially on the internet. No matter the subject, you will find supporters either way. Batman versus Superman was the first debate of real contention I encountered. The amateur, of course, picks Superman, who after all possesses many powers that Bruce Wayne does not. However, this fails to note history, and the fact that Batman is always prepared. This argument can continue on for many pages.

There are websites devoted to battles between star trek and star wars (the answer is wars, simply because star trek cares slightly about physics, and star wars does not), where information is carefully considered and compared in a manner that greatly disturbs.

A vs questions is important to set up carefully. Putting Chuck Norris against a wimpy opponent like skeletor is a mistake, for example (roundhouse kick to the face!) I would certainly argue that the Bear vs Shark issue is one that is not particularly balanced- surely the shark would have the advantage against the bear, too deep in the water too move?

So, for your delight and deliberation, heres some vs.

Chuck Norris vs Jack Bauer

Jesus vs Santa Claus

Abraham Lincoln vs Churchill

Blackadder vs House

Optimus Prime vs the Terminator

Mary Poppins vs Alice (of wonderland fame)

Peter Pan vs Jack Sparrow

Bill Gates vs Thomas Edison

...thats probably enough for now



At 9:11 pm, Blogger Nicholas said...

Chuck Norris. He has more than 24 hours to win.

Santa Claus wins if only because he has better gifts

Churchill. Man has the stature of a bulldog.

Blackadder. Because Hugh Laurie has a better sounding voice for his character there.

Optimus Prime wins due to sheer scale issues.

I'm going to go with Alice because Mary clearly doesn't have it in her to attack anyone, whereas Alice is one fucked up kid.

Peter Pan probably wins due to the whole immortality thing. Though if Jack drinks from the fountain of youth first, then Jack wins.

Edison. Gates is a total nerd who couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag


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