Sunday, August 30, 2009


So, I am in Glasgow. I have journeyed a long way to get here, having to go to Luton airport, which, to be brutally honest, is somewhat of a hole (yay for no seats in the gates! It may just be easyjet I suppose.) I also traveled by easyjet, who
I have avoided for quite a while, and its easy to remember why. Having to pay extra to check in luggage, and their stupid "pick your seat system" is appalingly stupid (I hate it when that happens at the cinema too. It encourages queueing, which is just bloody ridiculous).

One of the worst ways to be introduced to a city is to get a bus from an airport. Inevitably airports are built near the ugliest parts of the city, which was the case in Prague as well, meaning you get a rather unfair first look of wherever you are. I suspect the city is quite pretty, but as it is pouring down with rain I had to walk with my head bowed most of the way. The university provided minimal information about getting to the residences I am in, which are half an hour away from the bus stop I got off at, confusingly placed near(ish) the botanical gardens. Not a fun walk to do while lugging a suitcase, being wet and generally irritable.

Still, I am in my rather nice room now, and have had a shower. I'd be super happy if I knew I was getting fed... sadly this is not the case. I shall have to forage for myself. Yay.

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At 8:16 am, Blogger Boo and Trev said...

No deep fried mars bars? Disappointing


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