Friday, August 28, 2009

Thoughts on the Path.

The Path, as mentioned before, is one of the games that came with an indie pack I purchased a while ago. It is very consciously art as a game. The challenges that exist in a gamist sense are mostly about exploring the world, and finding everything there is to find, and as such aren't particularly interesting in of themselves. The game instead is an exploration of 6 girls of varying ages heading towards their grandmothers house.

If they remain on the path, nothing much will happen, and the game will say you have failed. Instead one should head into the path, where you will discover many interesting things. The girl you control will interact with objects when she gets near, if you let go of control, a very interesting and effective idea. When you finally do get to the house, every movement you make leads you forwards, towards the inevitable conclusion.

Its all interesting stuff, and I have no issue dealing with the issues it raises, but I am finding the game far too frustrating to play. The game runs incredibly slowly, despite being not particularly graphically intensive, and while sometimes this is deliberate, sometimes its just the game being buggy. Being lost in the forest and searching for clues can be interesting, but often becomes frustrating, as its hard to see where you are going, and running around identical scenery isn't that fun. Its a pity, because I would like to explore the themes this game raises, but the design is so poor it utterly puts me off from doing so.

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