Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Anon linked me science in the last post, and I think it answers most questions. And also clearly demonstrates the last theorem. I'm a mathematician, after all, so I know what constitutes a proof. Even if my lecturers might choose to disagree. They are short sighted.

Today marks the end of lectures, although whether it marks an increase in the frequency of posts remains to be seen. Next next weekend I shall be returning home, for christmas, and much rejoicing. I'm attempting to persuade my mother to use onion gravy during christmas dinner, mostly to irritate my sister, who, in response to my vegetarianariaiairiasm, has become a deep set meat eater, much as I was before I thought about what I was doing more clearly.

I always find arguments that rationalise after the fact much weaker. I think the one for eating meat is one of those, and certainly for downloading music illegally. The primary reason you do these things is not some kind of moral imperative, it's that you rather enjoy them, and, when challenged, you decide you must not have been wrong and must justify something you did not even think about. It may be that your argument is correct, but it is something you never felt the need to argue about. It's something we all do, certainly, just assume a practice is fine- perhaps because everyone else does it, until we are challenged to defend that practice. The reaction, as I had is to try and defend what you are doing, but I hope most people will join me in researching what we are saying later on. It could turn out that your arguments are fine- at least for you- or it could turn out that your assumptions may be invalid.

I know many people will find this amusing from me, those who know me, for I am willing to defend a point to death, even when I suspect that I am wrong. However, I HAVE been known to back down, and I HAVE been known to change my mind about something.

But anyway, it's nearly christmas (only 20 days), and it is time to be merry, and kill a lot of turkeys! You bastards.


At 10:51 am, Blogger Kirbie said...

Gobble gobble :)

At 3:10 pm, Blogger S.R. Deardorff said...

hehe...at least you're honest! i appreciate honesty more than political correctness, so, woohoo...

ummm...you "hindsight rationalization" theory...i like this idea/topic...primarily because, before i was kicked out of the university, i was a psychology major...

i think the rationalization you speak of is not necessarily a result of people feeling the need to justify their action; i think that is part of it-but, i think the ROOT cause is the human desire to appear as perfect as possible in the perception of their peers...feeling the need to justify it springs from the desire to appear "good." far too many paltry humans make their choices based on what others will think of them, booooooooooo.

i'm a wanna-be vegetarian, i eat fish; i would go vegan if i could afford the lifestyle, but that's a longer story than i'm willing to type right now...

i do NOT (wink) download music because the recording industry is a greedy conglomerate of no-talent assclowns. i do NOT (wink) download music because the artists get 99% of profits from CD sales---

i do purchase CD's from artists who deserve my money---like dave matthews for example, who routinely gives large sums of money to charity and lives a rather humble lifestyle compared to most artists, and certainly gives more money away than corporate whores and satan worshippers in the RIAA....

hehe...and, last but not least, i rarely give two bits as to what someone thinks of me---i do what i do and damn the fool who tries to stop me!!! muahahahahahahahaha!!!

good thing i'm a considerate little a$$hole!

have a day n shit,

peace n whatnot,


At 2:37 pm, Anonymous Nun said...

I have actually found a recipe for onion gravy in the observer yesterday. Here's an idea! You could cook it! Apparently it is better prepared the day before so you don't even have to get in our way. Porbably cooking will be a very good hangover cure!

At 4:11 pm, Blogger Mr K said...

Hmmm...cooking eh? I could have a go!


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