Wednesday, November 30, 2005


The worst kind of crime? Not according to those listed here. Some of those arguments beggar belief.

Some of you may have heard about Amnesty International UK's recent survey of attitudes towards rape in the UK. The statistics are shocking. A women is... never responsible for being rape. It's non consenting, see, and generally it's difficult to be responsible for something you did not consent to.

I want to make a decent argument here but it seems so obvious to me that rape is inherently wrong. I actually would go as far to say, as I mentioned in Full Metal Attourney's post that consent does not matter in the case of severely drunk people. Just think about it... if an extremely drunk person, especially one placed in your charge, suggested sex, would it be right to do anything? NO. NO. They did not get drunk to work up their courage to suggest such a thing. I really think the law should be altered to that extent- I see no excuse for a sober person having sex with a very drunk person, at least for the first time. Right now many rapists get away with it because said woman is unable t fully remember exactly what happened. But they certainly had sex with the person, and they were certainly VERY drunk. I kind of think thats enough to convict. Maybe that would put a dampner on some people's nights. Boo hoo for them. I'm happy for people to have promiscous sex, as long as they are sure its CONSENTING promiscous sex.


At 9:09 pm, Blogger Kirbie said...

I totally can't understand these people. I think it's terrible that we have to adapt our lifestyle just to prevent some awful people from negatively affecting our lives.
Oh we lock our doors so criminals can't break in - if you get all your stuff knicked because you didn't lock your door it's your own fault. No it isn't, unless you leave a sign saying come in and take what you like.
I think all women should dress up as zombies to make themselves less attractive!


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