Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Have YOU ever seen a pirate flip out and kill anyone?

I have been asked in the past who would win in a battle, a pirate or a ninja? I think a more pertinent question is: when WOULD a pirate win against a ninja?

I mean when you think about it ninjas are the most awesome beings ever to be put on this earth, and, upon occasion, they may well flip out and kill everyone. Still I suppose a pirate might just have the upper hand if he was on his own ship, and it was day, and he was a dread pirate (if he was THE dread pirate roberts he'd win. But thats just because). Still, its a pretty silly question.

On another note, I found this rather interesting art display- playboy centrefolds average out (don't worry, its entirely worl safe) from each deacade.


At 7:22 pm, Blogger Kirbie said...

Ah but pirates have better accents and have booty.
Also your second link takes you to the ultimate ninja page also.


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