Friday, November 11, 2005

another weekend

Oh I AM a busy bee! Off to Birmingham this weekend, to visit a good friend. And also Alice. Its a sort of meeting in the middle deal, which can save money, which apparently is a good thing.

The idea of true love, or a soulmate, has always confused me. Before I start this, let me just re-iterate that I do, indeed, belive in a thing called love, and think its wonderful.

But true love/soulmate. The idea that there is one person, just one, who we are meant to be with. People who claim to hold this belief... do they examine their beliefs logically? There are a majority of women in this world. So for this theory to work, there would have to be significantly more lesbians than gays in the world. Which, as far as I know, is not the case. Also, it seems rather lucky that peoples soulmates tend to be in the same country and speak the same language. I suppose one could rope in fate to explain that one.

But other than that, I think its a destructive notion. It always make you want more, and while obviously you shouldn't except a relationship which is causing you too much pain, relationships do need to be worked on, and they're not perfect. If you think there is such a thing as a soulmare then surely you will always be thinking that there is someone better... surely you can be content with no-one but your soulmate?

Of course, I don't believe in free will. Not that anyone can define it for me. If one says that free will is just that your actions have been chosen by no-one then thats fine. But often it means more than that. You always have a free choice... No you don't.

You are, logially, a product of your genetics and your environment. Logically. If not then what? Perhaps a soul, but something must have created that, surely?

And by environment here I don't just mean your sorroundings, I mean every single thing that you interact with. Now, if we accept that the universe started with some basic laws, and every single thing followed on from that, then surely everything led on from that? Well, not necessarily, some might argue. Quantum effects and nuclear decay seem to suggest the universe is random. Well ok. The universe is random. You are the product of random factors. That doesn't make your choice freer... it makes it random.

Yeah, you might change your choices with hindsight... but thats a different you, thats not the you making the choices. Face it, if we replayed the world from the start, and you were the same, you'd make the same choices. Of course you would, because otherwise you wouldn't be YOU. So what IS free will? I certainly don't know.


At 10:48 pm, Anonymous Amanda said...

I'm afraid that I do believe in free will - to a certain extent. To claim that such a thing doesn't exist if like saying if you could access every single persons knowledge, history and genetic database, you would be able to predict the entirety of their actions. The fact is that you couldn't - people act randomly. To prove this mathematically, it's like saying if you tossed a coin 10 times you could be certain that 5/10 times it would land on its head side up. Unquestionably, 5/10 is a good prediction but its not an inevitability.
Obviously, there are some things over which people have very little control, ie their bodily functions.

At 12:09 pm, Blogger Imperium child said...

But that is just it. The main goal of almost every scientist nowadays is to dicover string theory. A complex equation that links together every aspect of the universe so we can predict the future. To be honest I believe that its a wild goose chase as the equation would be infinitely long. Anyway the point is everything can be broken down into a logical scientific method by examining it. The way you react is formed from your experiences and your genes, if someone with exactly the same dna was born into your family at the same time as you then you would be identical to that person because whatever happened to you would happen to them.

At 12:57 pm, Blogger Kirbie said...

Not necessarily, identical twins have the same DNA, but are not the same, even if they live in the same family there's no way that they can both have exactly the same experiences it would be impossible.
Even siamese twins still have different personalities and you can't get any closer than that for two people to have the same experiences.

At 2:33 am, Blogger Jeff said...

isn't free means random?

and btw, we all have pretty much the same DNA, cause we're all human, or if you like, Homo sapiens. the reason that we're different is because we have different genes expressed.


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