Friday, November 25, 2005

rush for christmas

Ive been playing on final fantasy:crystal chronicles recently. It's a game for the gamecube, which works on the same basis as legend of zelda, in that you have to buy a game boy advance to play it. In other words, a bit of a rip off. Still, it's rather fun, even if the things you do on the game boy are not THAT essential. I can see it getting repetitive rather soon, as zelda did (although in zelda you have the ability to pick up your comrades and throw them off cliffs, causing endless hilarity if you are a heartless bastard. Especially if you keep doing it to the same person again and again and again.)

I am usually rather fair minded during co-operative game playing, despite rather amusing distractions occasionally getting the better of me, although it was not so when I was younger. During Streets of Rage 2 for the mega drive (kind of like a side scrolling beat 'em up), I essentially stole every single pick up there was, despite being miles better than my friend. Of course the best game for screwing people over was sonic 2, where there was a "2 player" mode which consisted of one person being sonic, and the other person being tails, and sonic rushing off, and tails catching up occasionally only to see sonic run off again. It was a brilliant way to pretend that I was letting my sister join in when my mother asked me to let her play.

I just finished playing Fear, a reasonably enjoyable first person shooter, which has classic "scary" elements, and indeed makes you jump occasionally. For those of you who have a usable pc and are into fps's this is a must play, although the end seems a little easy. But then I had the game on normal. Apparently on hard it's... well hard I suppose, which would make a fair amount of success.

I got to use a guillotine today, for the first time since I was in primary school, I suspect. This is the paper cutting one, by the way, I wasn't some kind of youth executioner. Well, I WAS, but we hang people over here. It's great fun though, using the old guillotine. The one I was using seemed unable to cut through more than about 3 sheets of paper at once without great difficulty, and seeing as I had 50 of them, this took some time. Still, I got to reminicise about just how bad I was at using the damn things, so the lucky people at the university who get handed them will get nice, poorly fashioned, handouts. Those lucky lucky people.


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