Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I hate happiness. Seriously, it really gets me down. When you're happy, and I mean really happy, even the most frustrating thing does not get you down for long. And if that's the case, then how are you meant to be able to recall it later on when you want to blog about something angrily? Having said that, I have levels of cynicism untouched by ordinary mortals, so 'm sure I can manage some.

Today it was of course the buses. I managed to miss a bus by 30 seconds, then took a shorter route to a stop further along there, managing to arrive there just as the bus was meant to arrive. I then stood around and waited for about 10 minutes for it to arrive. It didn't... I can only assume it was either very late, or had tur ned up early and had just left. Sigh, all that energy wasted for nothing.

The residents of Oldfield Park, the area in Bath where I live (crazy people can narrow down my location even more!), have decided they want students out. Apparently we are too noisy (probably true), and we have cars, taking up parking space unnecessarily. Well. Certainly we do not need cars- most of us anyway- as we can get the buses. But WHO enjoys buses? Thats the major problem with the government telling us to all use public transport. That's all well and good, but public transport is rubbish. And if we want to get a train, we have to pay a small fortune. For a fairly uncomfortable and unpleasent ride. This is not what I would call an incentive. I suspet the majority of the people in this fine country who own cars do not actually need them, but have them anyway to save themselves trouble, and probably, money. Cars are convinient, pleasent, and useful. They are also atmosphere destroying killing machines, but who cares about that? Of course I can say this all from the point of view that not only do I not own a car, I can't even drive. So meh.

Microsoft were a while back promoting the idea that you could have a computer do everything- receive tv, play dvds, wash your car (OK, probably not that last one). This is not a bad idea, if you imagine computers as some kind of wonderful thing that not only does't crash hourly, but also does not become obselete within... well a month to be honest. I think I'll stick with my tv for the minute.


At 12:23 am, Blogger Jeff said...

yeah public transport sucks, and I do agree that even a car is not necessary for most of the people we would still want one.

Sigh, don't know how am I gonna adapt to the life without car again when I come back.

At 5:24 pm, Blogger Kelly said...

I was in Madrid about five years ago, and I loved being able to take the subway and walk everywhere.

In Nebraska, however, we need cars. I grew up in a town where there were basically no jobs, and we all had to drive 20 miles to work.

Also, my future father-in-law uses probably over $10,000 worth in fuel every year. He is a farmer. The biggest culprit is actually the irrigation pumps, and, of course, the oil industry.

At 11:18 am, Anonymous Amanda said...

In Cambridge it's actually illegal for students to own a car within the city because of the congestion!!

Bring back trams, that's all I say.


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