Friday, December 09, 2005

another weekend

Away. It's almost like... some sort of fortnightly thing. Nah, can't be... that'd be too simple!

Anyways, so yeah, I have been working hard in the past few days, putting in lot's of extra revision to save myself time. Hehe, I do make myself last. I'm not exactly a last minute reviser, but I find it difficult enough to concentrate when time IS pressing than to do anything when it's not.

Nah, instead I've been playing a lot of LAN, whichI hear is very much the new black this season. Out of interest, has anyone ever had the phrase "BLANK is the new black" used on them before in total seriousness? Because that'd be a story to tell the kids.

I was thinking the other day that we are gonna have trouble when we have grandchildren. I mean, currently grandparents for the most part lived through a war, and thus have many bragging rights to impress and or bore their grandchildren with. But what's this generation going to talk about? I mean, we even managed to skip out the cold war! I 'spose we've got the war on terror, but in terms of fear levels, the minute possiblity of being involved in a terrorist incident vs the very real possibility of getting bombed in ww2, or even the deep fear of nuclear destruction in the cold war... So yeah stories are much less fun. We could just make it up, but in the future we will probably be able to read each other's minds and fly. Probably.

You do have to wonder about CND's goals in the cold war. I mean, as a plan, disarming all your nukes and just hoping the Russians would do similar sees hopelessly naieve. Even if I cannot spell the damn word. While I am not particularly for the expansion of aggressive nuclear technology, it seems like a very bad idea to me to disarm.. I don't particulalry want to be held to ransom by any punk country which has got it's hand on a nuclear weapon.


At 2:52 am, Blogger Jeff said...

maybe our grandchildren will never use keyboard again and we can tell them how we actually make our blogs work...

At 11:03 am, Blogger Complex said...

I think it's a matter of having to do plenty of X-treem things. Like, in the war, some people were soldiers, and had war stories, everyone else just had kinda fear and deprivation stories. So some of us are going to be able to say "I did this mega 780 off a cliff, naked, while ironing! Dude!" and the rest of us will be saying: "I once saw someone do this mega 780 off a cliff, naked, while ironing! Dude!"

At 12:44 am, Blogger Kirbie said...

I managed to get espressochoc from the vending machine at last - victory is mine!
That's a story for the little bastards!

At 5:41 pm, Anonymous Amanda said...

Mmm well with any luck, the human race will only keep on advancing - for the better. Thus war stories must always be kept alive, for the mere pupose of instilling fear into the little munchkins! You can look forward to being able to say, "hey, I used to know someone who knew someone who also knew somebody else's best friend who ACTUALLY managed to plant a bomb in an areoplane during mid-flight - now how cool is that?!!"

Incidentally, don't be so naive Kieran ;-)


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