Monday, September 07, 2009

Charity Shops=awesome

It started fairly innocuously, a spotted backgammon set in a shop in lyminngton. Then an amusing political creed of a game in Anti monopoly II. Now... its a little bit of an obsession. I just can't resist bargain games in charity shops. Other than those two examples I have bought:

Sorcerers Cave
Lord of the Rings role-playing game

My latest coup is my best, I managed to pick up the well rated Last Night on Earth. Ever since playing the extremely disappointing zombies!! I wished for a better incarnation of the living dead on the board, and this provides. Its still fairly random, with dice and cards leading the way, but the favour and theme is lovely, with the undead closing in on our heroes, each of which is a stereotype straight out of fiction. Unlike zombies!!, one side plays the zombies and one side plays the heroes, a mechanic which makes far more sense than the bizzare competition that the other game inspires. I've only played it once and am already eager to play again- theres a reasonable amount of tactical choices to be made playing it, so its not just brainless, and the game is full of wit and humour (my favourite zombie card is called "uuuuuuurggh".

It only cost me 4 pounds, and its mostly intact, even including the cd with atmospheric music (seriously, could this game be more charming?), there are, I think, a couple of components missing, but absolutely nothing major. I hope to play this a lot over the coming months!

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At 7:20 pm, Blogger Nicholas said...

As that game's fairly recent - yes, quite the win there!

At 9:49 am, Blogger Mr K said...

I know, its quite funny because I wonder these shops thinking maybe I'll score a decent recent game and never believing it, and there it was sitting at the front of a mouldy charity shop in Glasgow! I had to navigate several sofas to obtain it...


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