Friday, April 04, 2008

online gaming

I quite like online gaming, but often not online co-operating. Certain video games, and WoW is the most obvious example of this, involve co-operation between you and other people online. The thing is, I dislike the majority of other people online, and I dislike having to pause my gaming so I can wait for everyone else to be organised. It's not like I'm waiting for friends to all get together- these are strangers who have formed into a brief alliance for a common goal. Now sometimes you might have fun doing this, might even chat to these people, but more often than not you'll get the job done and then get out. So meh. I have to admit to being rather antisocial online instead, choosing games where the main interaction with other players is when you make their head explode in lots of shining colours.

This perhaps misses the point of online gaming, but oh well. I will join up with my friends and co-operate, but thats a completely different kettle of fish to be honest, and doesn't happen that much due to everyone having to get online at the same time, and also for my stupid, supposedly 8mb connection, to provide even an eighth of what it claims....



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