Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I had trouble spelling balloons for this post, which shows that.. well I don't know exactly what it shows.

I have never been able to tie balloons very well. In fact I have a problem with knots in general, but with balloons it matters more as not only does time and pressure mean that you have to get that balloon done before you lose your grip and it goes flying across the room, making an amusing phffft noise.

As a result the balloons I tie at best look deformed at their base, and at worse lose air rather rapidly, until they are nothing but shriveled condoms of material, unfit for their purpose as amusing decoration and fun games of catch which even the person with the most pathetic co-ordination can catch.

Next up on the sliding scale of balloons are helium balloons, which have the advantage of floating, and, of course, being full of air that you can use to make amusingly squeaky voices with, for the entertainment of all. The large versions can even carry you up into the sky, as in Wizard of Oz. It occurs to me that I can't work out why the wizard couln't come back for dorothy. Or, for that matter, why the good witch didn't just tell Dorothy to click her hells at the BEGINNING of her journey. One begins to wonder if Dorothy was just a pawn in the witches manipulation, managing to get rid of both wicked witches and the wizard, leaving her mostly unopposed as supreme overbeing of Oz.

Or perhaps I'm just over thinking it....

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At 1:32 pm, Blogger Hilarious Catastrophes said...

I hope you don't mean that Hot air balloons are filled with Heluium! Not only are they call HOT AIR balloons for a reason, but Helium is flammable is it not?! Not a good idea with a fire burner in tow! The really would blast you sky high! :o)

At 10:06 am, Blogger Mr K said...

Helium balloons can take you into the sky!

They're obviously not the same as hot air balloons though....


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