Sunday, March 30, 2008


So, I'm back home again with coursework to do. Fun fun fun. A sorting through of the work I need to get done reveals I have less to do than I originally imagined, which is always the good way round to discover things. Still, enough to keep me busy this month, then revision next month, then exams that month, then dissertation the next, then it's on to a PhD! A rather busy life, sadly, and no time to do what I'm doing, sitting round blogging in my pyjamas. I still am going to do it, of course, but I might feel guilty about it at the time...

We tried ordering online from asda, which was mostly a success, although I managed to accidentally order some pasta called pennoni, which is like penne only ridiculously large. Sadly internet pictures do not give it in proportion to anything, although they do reveal pennoni is also a last name..... I guess you will have to trust me that pennoni is large pasta.

You'll notice that I'm attempting to use tags on my post, so if you are interested in a particular theme you can click the tag and read all posts tagged by it. It's only worth it if I keep it up as at the moment there are about 1 post per tag.....



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