Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Got my offer for my PhD today. I am to be studying the broad region of Design of Experiments in statistics, which I'm sure sounds baffling to most of my eager audience. A fairly exciting time all in all, which is for the good.

My laptop died the other day, which is somewhat frustrating- it only makes beeps when you switch it on now, which indicates some kind of hardware failure. Lacking the kind of knowledge to open the thing up without making it much worse, I'll have to go through the fun and frolics of getting the bastard thing fixed. It is under guarantee, but thanks to various shenannigans, I'll have to wait quite a while before getting the receipt to even prove that it is, and then wait even longer for John Lewis to get it fixed. Oh well, I have Alice's laptop to work on instead, which is having the honour of being installed with various wonderful statistical programs, such as R, S Plus, and SAS. Sadly STATA isn't free, and is also an evil abomination of a program.....

Random names of other statistical programs, you ask? Why they include minitab, and SPSS and Mlwin and.... ok I actually don't know anymore names. Ooh, yes I do, CIA is another one! I am probably the only person excited by that snippet of information, but never mind.


At 8:19 pm, Blogger Kirbie said...

Dr Martin!

At 8:37 pm, Blogger Rich said...

My word, a phd! Best of luck. I am sure laptops are an invention of the devil, and their warranties of much darker spawn... But I'm sure it'll be back right as rain in a few months. Well, by 2009 certainly.


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