Sunday, April 13, 2008


I have been quite pleased by the way Tibet has managed to take over the olympic celebrations, which are pretty meaningless. Despite the desperate please of some airhead athletes, this is the perfect time to bring attention to China's many abuses of human rights. The world is watching, and it is great news. I wonder though, if the protests had been entirely peaceful, if it would have proceeded as normal.

Of course, the description of protests in London as "violent" might be an exxageration. Perhaps things went to far elsewhere, but what exactly happened in London? Someone tried to grab the torch, and someone tried to extinguish it. Sorry, but thats kind of funny, and not particularly violent either. I hope the protesters brave enought to make this move are not too severely punished- after all it's more like a prank than breaking the law, the attempt to extinguish something thats on fire, with no intention to cause anyone involved physical harm.

The olympics really are a kind of meaningless event, despite the talks of the "olympic spirirt". What exactly is that supposed to mean? All it is is a contest between athletes, with a nice international rivalry thrown in for fun. So lets hijack it with politics, and, hell, it might actually become a little interesting.

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At 10:41 am, Blogger Boo and Trev said...

They should have them permanently in Greece. It's where they started and there is now the stadiums for them and it might cut out some of the politics if it was permanenly situated somewhere. However, there is not the political will, methinks

At 1:22 am, Blogger Kirbie said...

I agree with you Kieran, if it's really about Athletics then what the hell is the point of all the nonsense that goes with it.
How come it's only Sports where this kind of thing happens - you don't get celebrations for the finest surgery that last for months even the Oscars isn't diluted by this much crap.
Oh and if I were one of the people carrying the torch and being constantly hassled by attendants I would've thrown the thing in the Thames!
Still i was pleased to see how badly it went, hopefully they'll have learned a lesson for the London Olympics - though I doubt it.

I thought the reaction to the protests was pretty OTT to be honest - think it showed we're perhaps heading more towards the Chinese system than improving Human Rights.


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