Saturday, April 12, 2008


Watching ER on thursday evening, I have to admit that it is becoming rather boring to watch. The new characters are simply uninteresting, and are often introduced only to leave a few episodes later- character arcs vanish completely for no apparent reason. Worse yet, Abby, possibly the strongest character the show has, has dissolved into alchoholism. She has always been an alchoholic, and has suffered possibly the worst of any character on the show. Now, for the altar of drama, she has perhaps hit her greatest low.

Sigh. This is a constant irritation in all these kind of shows. There is a need for drama, so characters suffer ridiculous amounts of adversity, because the writers don't know how to make happy interesting. This happens in things as far ranging as Friends, with the ridiculous subplot of Rachel and Joey which was interminable, and lasted far more seasons than it should, purely for the altar of drama. It certainly was not funny.

Perhaps it is time to end ER, if this is the best they can offer.

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