Sunday, April 06, 2008

Dr who last night

What is it with Russel T Davies and fat people and farty noises. Meh. Still, it was relatively enjoyable, but nothing special. I thought Catherine Tate was fine, her character has been toned down somewhat, which is nice, apart from one rather lame conversation about mating I could have done without. This episode did suffer from the lame "We'll beat them by shouting technobabble" as the doctor pressed random buttons on an electronic thingie, deus ex machina indeed.....



At 12:31 pm, Blogger Hilarious Catastrophes said...

Dr Who is meant to bea bit lame... it's one of it's most celebrated features. If it was suddenly wonderfully convincingly scientific, with supre dooper special effects than I think people would complain. I also didn't think the mating conversation was particularly needed... However, I am bloody relieved that she doesn't fancy the Doctor... I was getting annoyed at the story constantly resoting to the "must have romantic interest" tactic. :o)


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