Friday, June 29, 2007

group blog- shoes

The tallest shoes are of course stilts, something not commonly worn, despite most other shoes coming into fashion at one point or other. At our graduation ball there were a couple of entertainers in stilts. It appeared to be all they did for the entire event- walk from one place to another in stilts. I suppose it was relatively impressive that they kept balance, but it would hvae been nice if they had, say, juggled or something.

Like a fair amount of my fellow gender, I have a small amount of shoes. Indeed for a long time I only had one pair, until recently when I finally needed a neater pair of shoes, as apparently walking shoes aren't appropriate for interviews, weddings or graduation. Unless it's a theme wedding, I suppose. That involves walking. I haven't really thought it through, but it would be awesome.

Pretty much the best thing you can do with shoes is have a hidden blade within them, then use them to surprise attack your enemies! Lethal enemies, that is, not just the guy who keeps using your stapler at work. But he probably deserves it too. Stapler stealing bastard! On a similar note, you can get shoes with spikes in the bottom, which are supposedly for climbing, but really are for when you get into a bar fight. Admittedly you would have to go to said bar with irritating spikes on your feet, but I imagine it's possible to screw off the spikes at the bottom. Again this gives the problem of having to attatch spikes to your shoes mid fight, but it's totally worth it.


At 3:19 pm, Blogger Hilarious Catastrophes said...

stay away from my climbing shoes... they are not for Kierans...


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