Monday, June 18, 2007

The right to judge

I wonder how much right to judge someone who has never experienced a situation has. For example, it is easy to say to the man who killed his wife in anger after discovering her cheating on him that he was wrong, but would I react similarly in that situation? I should hope not, but I've never been in that heated moment with blood boiling to my brain. Obviously is something is wrong, it is wrong no matter whether you have experienced it or not, but I would certainly be more hesitant to judge when I am little experienced.

One place this certainly applies for me is abortion. After all, I shall never be pregnant (unless something EXTREMELY odd happens), and shall never have to deal with the idea of carrying a life inside me in 9 months, suffering extreme discomfort for something I might well not even want. Yes, I might well be involved in a situation where my partner is faced with that, but I will never be directly effected. This is one of the reasons I am pro-choice. I think it is very easy for a man who never has to deal with pregnancy to be morally righteous, because after all they'll never have to cope with it.


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