Thursday, May 24, 2007

Final exam

In 24 hours time I will be 20 minutes into my final exam at the University of Bath, after which I shall be free as a bird until october, when I have foolishly submitted myself to education again. But then, they are PAYING me to do it, so thats nice.

I can't complain too much about the incredibly intense exam system at Bath- it has, thus far, treated me well, unless tomorrow proves an unmitigated disaster, I should be on the way to getting a first in an MMATH. I'm not entirely sure whether one says that one has an MMATH in mathematics, or just an MMATH, as it's pretty clear what it's in. The only reason Bath does it's stupid 4 year master course (rather than a bsc followed by an msc), as far as I can tell, is to avoid having to give fourth years any kind of money for extra study. It might have something to do with the focus on placements anyway.

Regardless, I shall no longer have to deal with the problems or advantages of Bath anymore, and shall instead be concentrating on Southampton's. A grand adventure indeed- hopefully this time next year I shall feel slightly qualified for some form of job, which would be pleasent, after endless years in education, although knowing me I shall probably end up prolonging my stay here in the ivory tower. It is so very nice...


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