Sunday, May 20, 2007


I am a fairly fussy eater, and as my parents will no doubt helpfully comment after this, I was even more of one when younger. One of the questions I will be asked when I proclaim that I do not like food is "How?" Or even... "Why?" Well... because I don't like the flavour of it, of course. It's a baffling thing to ask, it's up there with the people who mock people with irrational fears.

"Come on, it's tiny!" they say, pointing at the spider, "It's not going to hurt you!" Well of course not, but thats hardly the point, is it. If it made sense it would be a rational fear, and probably wouldn't be described as a phobia. For example, I don't think many people would describe the fear of being shot by someone in war as a phobia, because, well, it's a rather sensible fear to have. Fear and flavour do not necessarily tap into rational parts of our brain, and if there is one thing thats not going to deal with them, its being incredulous. So stop it.

Having said that, people who are afraid of certain vegetables are quite amusing. In a mean spirited way, of course.


At 4:12 pm, Blogger Hilarious Catastrophes said...

So you just backed down on your entire point there... well executed Mr K! :o)


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