Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I became a member of facebook after the umpteenth person added me. While I am not as addicted to it as some people are, I rather enjoy the bizzare nature of people conversing by posting on each other's walls, so you get heavily disjointed comments on them which make little or no sense. I really must indulge in it more. i have also learnt that one can transfer ones blog posts to facebook, which I have done, and for those of you reading this on facebook, this is admittedly redundant information, but never mind.

Facebook is not as bad as myspace for friendship collection, where some people will claim thousands upon thousands of so called friends, most of whom they have not shared a word with. You cannot see someone's facebook profile until they have added you as a friend, which encourages you to actually know someone before adding them. Regardless, some people who I don't know have added me anyway, which is nice if a little pointless. It is of course altogether possible that they know who I am and I don't know who they are, as my memory is not always the best in the world. Never mind.


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