Thursday, June 28, 2007

Group blog- Mud

Mud, mud, glorious mud. As someone sung at some time- it might have been hippos. Or possibly pigs I suppose. Some animal that enjoys wallowing.

As a child mud is a fun thing, because not only can you play in it, you can throw it at people and you can even make pies out of it, which will smell incredibly rancid and cause your parents to reprimand you. It won't matter though, cause you'll have so much mud covering yourself you won't be able to hear them. Ideally anyway.

Sadly as one grows up, the ideal of getting muddy becomes less appealing, unless you play sports- well football and rugby- where it seems to be encouraged. In fact I had a bit of a goal of avoiding the mud during these sports, just as I avoided most of the actual sport, partially because I disliked having to shower at the end, and mud was rather strong evidence that one had, in fact, failed to do so, and also partially because I was never a big sports fan. If I had mud on me at the end, it would be because someone had tackled me, not visa versa.

Still, I think everyone should get extremely muddy at one point in their life, just so they can experience that incredibly disgusting experience when your fingers are all hardened with mud. Theres nothing quite like it....


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