Friday, May 04, 2007

G-mail invites

When Google started its beta testing of google email, it gave massive memory for each email account- which was neat, and also started giving various people not only google accounts but google email invites. This seemed terribly exciting to me, an exclusive club where you really had to know someone who knew someone...

Sadly I never did get invited, despite my phenomenal list of contacts online (all 10 of them), which left me kind of sad. It's not like I NEED an email account with 1000 MB of storage, but still. Anyway, so it seems that now owning an account on blogger is enough to get me one! Which is nifty, although rather ruins the whole exclusiveness. Of course I could pretend that I have always had this google email account and was one of the first ones to get one, but seeing that I just TOLD you that I didn't, that rather gives the lie to that.

It will be a very sad day if a bigger and better search engine comes along to replace google, so one will no longer be able to say, "just google it," with authority anymore. Incidentally, i hope the verb "to google" becomes added to the OED soon....


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