Thursday, April 26, 2007


I am into revision mode now, which you can tell because I am making blog posts far more frequently than I used to... I am a little poor I admit. It is somewhat difficult to stay motivated despite these being my final exams, partially because next year I now know most of the stuff I am learning will not be used at all (apart from one subject, which is lectured by an idiot), and also I do not need a very large mark to attain the grade I desire. So it's all about pride really, and I was never big on pride, especially when I have to buy it with effort. Sadly you do not get pride points for free, no matter how many times you ask (and I have) or even beg. Never mind.

I am also looking for somewhere to live, which is probably a little difficult to do at the same time as revision, but nevertheless I intend to do it. I am off to Southampton next year, doing an Msc in the exciting titled statistics with medical applications. Catchy no? Anyways, southampton is an hour and a half by train from here, which means I probably have to take a day out of revision to get to it. Oh well, such is life. Woe is me, etc etc. Of course it's rather nice to know that I am getting paid to study next year (apparently statisticians in general, and medical statisticians in particular, are somehwhat in demand), so I shan't complain overly much.


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