Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I am on 700 posts with this one, which is probably significant. After all, if you get the number 7 and multiply it by 100, what do you get but this? Huh? I rest my case.

Apparently the next generation of digital recording devices is coming. No more will DVDs darken our shelves, now we will have blu-ray! Or HD! One of the two anyway. Except... do we really need it? I mean I'm quite happy with the large DVD collection I have acquired, they work quite well, and they seem to fit films on them fairly well. I assume these new disks have 15 times the storage space or something, and while thats nice, other than for series I really don't see the attraction. Additionally the price can only go up. Of course we do get better picture quality- I am sure you have been told that HD tv is apparently 4 times better. I'm sure it looks good, but how much better can one get? Surely there is a limit to betterment before the quality becomes so subtle our eyes aren't actually good enough to perceive the differences...

Obviously the industry are pushing for this quite badly, as they've sold most of the DVD technology they can, but is there really a great demand for the next generation? DVD recorders have only just started being made for crying out loud! It makes me wonder about all our massive digital archives- backwards compatability, even when it is catered for, rarely lasts for more than one generation, so we have this massive amount of films and programs that no-one will be able to watch anymore. Oh well. Let's hope everyone has managed to keep paper copies....


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