Thursday, May 03, 2007

Coin Flipping

I am absolutely rubbish at coin flipping. I am not exactly famed for my hand-eye co-ordination, but I can normally just about muddle through, say, catching and throwing a ball. But coin flipping.... I can't do it. Now almost of all you will be thinking, "what exactly is difficult about flipping a coin?", possibly even adding in a gratiutous insult, because you are generally nasty people. Well the problem is the flipping part. Obviously, throwing a coin into the air and catching it is not exceedingly difficult, even for someone who's general reaction to having a ball thrown at him is to dive out of the way, the main issue is getting the damn thing to actually turn roun. Countless time I have flipped a coin and seen it rotate... no times. If I DO succeed in eliciting a flip it will invariably head off a mile to the right, crashing into the floor and making me look even more stupid than I normally do when called upon to perform this simplest of tasks.

It's not a major disability, to be fully honest. There are not that many social situations where you must coin flip, you can always resort to scissors paper stone instead, although you get the thing where someone goes ON three, and the other goes AFTER three....... Ah the perils of deciding simple issues.

I think we clearly need a better way of deciding between an issue than these two methods. I propose eyebrow lifting. The person who can raise their eyebrow with the most flair shall win. One might think that such an issue is contentious, but if you've seen my eyebrow raises, there is no contest. Admittedly this would result in me winning each time, but I have no major issues with that.


At 4:19 pm, Blogger Boo and Trev said...

I feel I have failed as a father in not teaching you to flip a coin. Maybe during your last summer at home we can sort this out. Or maybe you'll learn to drive, get a job, take up running... hmmm

At 12:29 pm, Blogger Mr K said...

Ooh, look at the pointed comment......


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