Wednesday, May 09, 2007

curse ye Pontryagin!

Ah, revision is fun, got to love incredibly complex principles that are poorly explained. Incidentally, the stuff I'm learning right now was pretty much how they did the moon landings- and who said mathematics isn't useful? You just have to understand masters level mathematics to apply it!

I was reading the Illuminatus trilogy recently- it is a massive cult hit after all, but found it interminable. The narrative is deliberately broken up and split, sometimes mid though of the characters. I'm not sure I could survive 1000 pages of that, especially when, because it's about conspiracies, it will have no satisfying conclusion (those sort of things never do). Reading reviews on amazon, one person who loved it talked about how it mentions a philosophy on on one page then debunks it on the next page. If I wanted that I'd buy a philosophy book....

So yes, would not recommend that one, although maybe it gets better a further hundred pages in- I dunno.


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