Sunday, January 07, 2007

PC disaster

I'd like to point out that the previous post was the 666th post, so it was mildly appropriate that I was talking about the devil's food. I'd claim this was deliberate, but it really wasn't. So I won't.

So, my pc has died, it's system config file has decided to corrupt itself for one reason or another... possibly hatred of all mankind, possibly rebellion about the amount of junk on my harddrive. Or a combination of both. Of course fixing it is a simple matter, if you have a windows XP disk. "If" being the operative word here- apparently no-one in existence owns the damn thing..... I'm pretty sure I had mine with me in first year, but sadly I did not transfer it when moving from university residennces. It is probably sitting a few hundred miles away from me right now. Somewhat uselessly, although I imagine it could be mailed to me if it came to that- still being computerless is going to cause some problems for my revision, although I can hijack this computer at least temporarily.....

All this might lead to less blogging, which would be somewhat unfortunate considering my only new years resolution being to do more blogging.... oh well, such is life, and many is the new years resolution not followed.



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