Sunday, November 19, 2006

90 days

I know I've posted about this before, and it kind of gets me down to post about it again. Once again the government wants to give our polie the power to detain people for 90 days without charge. They claim any move for this will be supported by evidence, but apparently the police chief wanting it is evidence enough.

But thats silly. You can't give the police more powers if they want them, because they never want less. I highly doubt there will be a point in the future where the police will say "well, terrorism is pretty much dealt with, we will no longer need to detain people fr 90 days!" So working by this logic, the only way detention can go is up. As far as I know, it is actually very rare indeed that the police get to the ludicrously long 28 day limit currently submitted.

The thing is, many people defend this, saying that the police need this time to get evidence for these people. Huh? The police is arresting people without enough evidence to charge them? Isn't there something a little wrong there? How on earth did we ever catch criminals if that is the case? It's a wonder criminals are ever caught if the police are incapable of gaining evidence... before making an arrest.

I would, for once, like people to say that some principles are worth dying for. Damnit.


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