Friday, January 05, 2007


Parsnips are the devils food. There are, of course, many evil foods. Pineapple, especially on pizza (for crying out loud, what IS that about?), swede in general, and of course, kiwi fruit. But parsnips are probably the worst. It's not because of their flavour... it's worse than that. It's the surprise.

There they'll be, the beautiful roast potatoes, screaming out to be consumed by some worthy gentleman, and it would of course be entirely remiss of me not to take their offer. So I scoop up a few (or a many) potatoes, and dig in. But what is this? Instead of potatoey goodness, it is parsnip surprise! Now I'm stuck with either swallowing the foul stuff or spitting out, and appearing impolite, something that those who know me will know I never am.

My usual solution is to swallow them as quickly as possible to avoid being contaminated by their flavour for too long, which normally leads to a scorched throat. I suspect it's all some kind of cunning scheme to burn the throats of people across the world. Or not.....



At 6:55 pm, Blogger The Venomous Bee said...

But they're so nice. And Pineapple, fresh, is so good. Even if it does make my tongue bleed. But I'll have to back you up on the "pineapple on pizza?!" because that is gross.

And you can make wine out of parsnips. I haven't, but I'm sure I will one day. My friend and I are wine making maniacs ... we made some onion wine, which is awful, and led to a great quote from one of my other friends: "You can make wine out of anything. But that doesn't mean you should." Next up, mead.

At 11:12 am, Anonymous Anthony said...

I have been reading this blog to avoid doing work for a little while now, and though I can accept some of your views, and be impressed by your Harry Potter predictions I cannot abide by this.

Parsnips are the greatest of all the vegetables, they are a delight that graces the dinner table sure to bring a smile to the face of any sane diner... I truly hope you are ashamed.


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