Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Have gone quite well so far, I feel I did better than expected on both papers, although I shall have to wait for the actual marks to find out if my intuition is remotely accurate. I still have an exam tomorrow, which I imagine will be super fun, we even get a calculator to play with. I am always both annoyed and amused by people who claim standards are slipping because kids are allowed calculators in maths exams. Of course, mathematics has little to do with the adding up sums, just as English is not really all about excellent spelling and grammar. Both are, of course, important, but there are some things it is frustrating to do without a calculator- logs and square roots spring to mind. Of course at degree level you mostly just leave those things as they are, rather than right a numerical approximation, but for some subjects, they just love to make you calculate things!

At the start of my first exam we were all told not to read our exam papers after sitting down ( we normally can look at the questions before the exam begins). They then proceeded to collect them. Apparently, due to a bizzare mix up, we had been given the answers! They actually wanted to reschedule the exam for a different day- we suggested the more reasonable course of us just waiting the half hour it would take for the real paper to be copied. This was far more agreeable, although we did get home later....

Recently, on an unrelated note, I've been getting emails to my bath address who have found it on the bathstudent website for Amnesty. Bizzarely, they are just adverts for various stocks... this is a bizzare method of trying to raise one's stock price...


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