Tuesday, May 09, 2006


It always irritates me when any program asks me what company I come from, because obviously everyone who uses that program is going to have a company, but it just confuses me when a GAME does it? I mean, I'm pretty sure most work places aren't meant to be running games....

On another, completely unrelated note, on the radio this morning they were talking about the new supreme court the government intends to create. At one point the interviewer asked something along the lines of

"So what will be the title of these new judges- will they be lords?"
"No- they will be supreme court justices."
"Won't that seem like a demotion?"
"Um...no I think they will be able to work out that becoming a supreme court justice is a promotion."

Incisive questining there radio 4.... Won't that seem like a demotion indeeeed. Idiots.


At 4:34 am, Anonymous tygertyger said...

What are we doing to our planet?
Let us repent of our folly now. It's getting late, but we must try. Awake! Awake!!

Please join me in my quest to spread this message across the web. You can participate by visiting blogs and posting this comment verbatim. Please do not be annoying and repost the same sites. Just visit as many sites as possible. Feel free to take the lead


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