Sunday, April 16, 2006

Amazing mazes

In my home town we have two mazes. One, only recently grown, is not accesible to the public, after some vandalism occured. Now, while that is admittably deplorable- A-it is possible to climb over the wall, and B-now no-one can use the damn thing. Ultimately all mazes will get vandalised a little, it helps nobody to shut it off. But never mind.

Our other maze is on our common (which, despite being called a common, is not, in fact, a common, for various legal reasons that I can't actually remember, something to do with a common not actually being owned by anyone, or being owned by everyone... or something), which is possibly one of the most depressing mazes ever constructed. First of all, it posseses no walls, the path being made purely by brick lines embedded in the grass. Second, and possibly most vitally of all, there are no choices during this maze. There are, in fact, only two directions to go- back and forward. Which makes one wonder why someone chose to construct this. It's really a little misleading to cause it a maze, as it is really more of a path. Just a path that really goes nowhere, despite being nearly a mile long, thus making it all the more depressing. Still, it did keep me moderately entertained as a child, but not particularly more than, say, the grass near by.

This comes from a list of disappointing tourist attractions in our town which includes the castle, which was destroyed in a very early civil war (somewhere in the twelth century), so is just a collection of walls, which one cannot even go near thanks to structural instability. Still, on the plus side we DO have a lot of cafes, and charity shops, as well as a lot of pubs (I imagine our pub to population ratio is significantly higher than a lot of the country). Good old pubs.....


At 3:23 pm, Blogger The Venomous Bee said...

At my old college we had a maze that went around the monastery graveyard. It wasn't a maze either, but really just a path around the graveyard. But it was still fun to jump out at people from the shrubs around the sides.

And yet, it is still referred to as a maze.

There's a maze in St. Denis (tiny little town outside of Saskatoon) that's remade every year with hay bales. That one's fun.


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