Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hamas time now

Can't touch them! That's what Hamas need to do to improve their PR image- create a catchy pop song! Or, you know, cover a catchy pop song, replacing hammer with Hamas. Still, an idea, as right now, the whole "stated goals involve driving Isreal off the map" thing is just not winning the hearts and minds. It's really all about what you say, not what you do. For example, Iran has said some awful things about Isreal, so they are not allowed nuclear weapons, but Pakistan, a state ran by a dictator, is fully armed. Of course, controlling the media probably helps, because then you can bomb the crap out of a nation and call it liberation, and maintain the occupation, claiming you need to get the job done (whatever the hell that is). Ah, the intracacies of international diplomacy.

In other news, we are all going to die. That's right, bird flu has hit the UK. We better watch out, as the death rate in Europe is indeed in the tens.... We might even beat death by toilet... If bird flu does mutate, then this will become news... as it stands it's not the biggest scandal. Of course this is a country that when foot and mouth hit butchered it's livestock to prevent the non-lethal disease spreading....


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