Wednesday, March 22, 2006

On Iraq

I just want to say a few things about Iraq before I respond to Rich's post, which I intend to do in a short while (in fact, if you come here within about half an hour of me posting this, you'll probably read this second).

First of all- we are asked to believe that Tony Blair honestly believed that Iraq was a real threat to us. To back this up, many conservatives and democrats from the UK and the US respectively have come forward and said they were "duped". Huh. How come I wasn't duped? I suppose I am a trusting sort who likes to believe Saddam Hussein played with kittens all the time, which is probably why I was fooled. But what about Kuwait? I mean, it was claimed that Iraq could attack Europe... so why wasn't Kuwait calling for help? It's right next to Iraq, and has been invaded once before. Essentially, the way I see it, Tony Blair either lied on an issue he used to take us to war, or is a blithering idiot.

Finally, the people who say the war in Iraq is going well, and don't have a direct vested interest, like Mr Bush... are they, in fact, on prozak? Or perhaps they are merely blind and deaf. Daily attacks on the population for 3 freaking years... I wouldn't call that progress. Amusingly the defenders of the war, having run out of positive things to say, point out that people voted in the election. Wow! They MUST be content with the current situation, because of course low voter turnout at the elections in Europe have been a sign of brewing civil war? All voting is is enlightened self interest, it does not prove in any way shape or form that the voters are happy with the current situation. Often quite the contrary.

I'm still not sure of my solution to this situation, but I do know that a lot of people should be being held accountable for getting us into this mess, and they are not.


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