Monday, April 03, 2006


Celeberate good times, or, in my case, watching the rest of the first series of Lost so I am finally up to date. Well I say that, but series 2 is out in America already, and a large portion of my acquiantances appear to have downloaded the series already. Apparently downloading tv is a bad thing although I'm not totally sure why.... if you've got a tv anyway, then you can just watch it when it is on. Indeed, you can even make a video tape of it. I'ts not like you pay for Lost particulalry. I suppose there could be an argument that ratings might be lost for that show, but it's kind of weaker than the whole music downloading argument, because it's clear that there are things lost there.

I've recently developed the uncanny ability to develop a sore throat every time I want to go drinking, which is perhaps my body trying none too subtly to stop me doing so, which it has been having a modicum of success at, but whether that is due to lack of finances or geniune health concern remains to be seen. Still, my whole psychology rebels at the idea of going into a pub and not ordering at least one alchoholic beverage of some sort.

Third year exams in a month and a lot of days, which will undoubtedly be an affair characterised by much merriment and laughter. Possibly even dancing. On that note, I've just had an image of dance exams basically being dance challenges, in which our instructor does some moves, and challenger has to copy, and elucidate- like a walk off in the excellent zoolander. Also, this should be the same for drama- emotional speech, followed by a mimicried but slightly more emotional speech. That couldn't continue round though, because eventually both people would be bawling on the floor. Which could be entertaining I guess.


At 1:21 am, Blogger Kirbie said...

that would be hilarious! All exams should be conducted in such a way, maths could be a problem solving bonanza!
Don't get me started on the whole evils of downloading content as i'm sure everyone knows where I stand on the matter.


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