Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ah t-mobile

Apparently my phone is not in stock, so I must wait for an unspecified amount of time. Oh well, never mind. In other news, my 5 year old playstation 2 appears to not want me to play we love Katamari, which is a pity, as I rather would like to play on it. I don't know whether it knows something about the game that I don't, like it will unleash a demon or something, or if it is just old and full of dust. Well, I do know actually, but I'm not saying which. As a hint though, I did try to open my ps2 up, but whether to clean it or examine it's mighty brain is another question of course. Incidentally, if you care, it's a nokia 6280. My sister has looked at a photo and told me that it is not a girl's phone. So that's all right then.

I must admit that upon returning home I have not quite busied myself as much as perhaps I should, although I did manage to get at least SOME work done today, so that's probably a good thing. The main problem is my inability to set an alarm. I swear that for the last three nights I have set an alarm, but each time I have not been woken by them. Perhaps my radio alarm clock also knows something that I don't. Or perhaps at 4 in the morning I lack any of my normal physical abilities. Who knows.....


At 8:18 pm, Blogger Kelly said...

Katamari Damacy is awesome. I think it's the best game of 2004, but that's my humble opinion. BTW, it will unleash a demon if you find all of the presents that the King leaves around. And the demon makes you go around with a katamari and pick up everything in your town. He starts you in a cemetary, and you have to pick up flowers and vases before you move on to tombstones.


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