Saturday, May 06, 2006

A post, of sorts.

So, spring is finally here in the UK. Well it was for the last two days, in which we managed to slot a quick barbecue, with my cunning inviting myself to someone else's house. I'm clever like that. I have now truly conquered the high seas, although unfortunately there is still much revision to do. My exams shall not be over until June 1st, a date so far in the distance it might as well be imaginary. Well never mind.

My favourite thing about revision at this time of year has to be the beautiful weather outside while I am stuck indoors, pretending to myself that I will begin work any minute now while I board yet another spanish galleon. You see, if I left the house, that would be me ADMITTING I wasn't going to get any work done, and that would simply be unacceptable.

In the news recently, at least in the UK, have been a set of scandals which have discomforted the government, followed by a very poor showing in local council elections. These have been followed by more calls for Mr Blair to step down, which he has bravely chosen to completely ignore. Apparently this country needs him for vital reforms, and even though none of them even WANT him anymore, that does not lessen their need to any extent. At this rate, the only way he is going to be torn from power is through assasination or a vote of no confidence, and we all know one of those is never going to happen.


At 1:28 am, Blogger Kirbie said...

Bring on the assasination. Hmm, could I get in trouble for that? Inciting hatred against Blair - I'm sure that's probably in one of the reforms that negates our civil rights he'd like to pass. I'm ashamed I went to the same school as him :(


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